The Burning Man Festival >)(<

Gee, where do I begin? This is a festival like no other. As some have expressed, the Burning Man Festival is not a place where you pay for 'entertainment'... you are the entertainer. Everyone is a participant; in generosity, love, compassion, openness, self-expression and yea of course party! To many this is home.

Our band Zili Misik had the opportunity to perform here for 4 days straight. I will admit, capturing images on this surreal planet was challenging due to harsh climates and also in respect to the beautiful moments that should be reserved to the eyes only. At the end of it all though, the Burning Man becomes a part of us that we return home with and spread to others in the hopes of coming back. Whether it is photographed or not, it is definitely an unforgetable experience.
Here's to all the burners out there..

              Just to give you an idea of the place...
                here is a sky-view of Black Rock City
                              (unkown source)
                          Driving through Nevada landscapes
Picking up our tickets at the entrance & starting to feel the heat.
      A "virgin burner" must ring the bell and roll in the dirt! 
               Lexi decides to do a dust angel instead.
                      Camp Reverbia, our home.
          Taking a stroll on the playa and to my surprise, 
                         I found slacklines!
                      Oh you know I had to...

                 Performing our first set on day 1.

                and the crowd was groovin' with us
Obscurity on the Playa 
               Main entrance to the Man on Esplanade
Yoga Workshops
            Audience gather around for our show at Center Camp
A journey on foot and a hazy sunset
                      Sayin' hello to some friendly burners...
              Sounds of howls from burners all around 
                   as the sun shines its last light
    Fear of being stranded in the cold desert night is expressed
           by the bandmates after locking in our car keys

    Fellow neighbors gave a helping hand and Pete saved the night...
                    The night festivities begin...

                Dramatic fires, carnival games and 
          over-sized disco floats paraded the black desert

        I was amazed at the amount of talented hoola hoopers!

                            Getting ready on stage at 6:45 & Esplanade

This experience has only been the tip of the iceberg and I feel that there is much more to explore. But I now have an idea on how to better prepare for the Burn if the opportunity ever presents itself again.

To all burners out there...see you next time!  >)(<

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Lilla said...

Awesome! Looks like you had an out of this world experience full of exuberance! Told you the desert is magic ;)

axis3000 said...

jus grOovy .