I met a Haitian painter at an art gallery one day, her name is Myrtelle Chéry (awesome last name!) she saw my work and loved this shot. She is painting this photo for next year's Black History month "Women Inpisration".

Miss D&G

This girl is jokes. I run into her every now and then at school. Micha Layne that's her name. Always making people laugh with her sillyness. Loved the shoes, I don't know why. The complex pattern perhaps that hurts my eyes whenever I look... .

In the Fields - Quebec City

We promised eachother we'd travel the world and shoot as much as we can. We drove around in the country side of Quebec city exploring, and we found a beautiful wide open field . No one was there so we stepped in the crop field and took shots. After a few poses Betty yells out "There's bugs in my hair!". Surrounded by plants I look above my head and see little maggots on the leaves and I'm like "Ok let's get out of here!"
Bugs and Afros don't mix.

Sonia Aicha

Meet Sonia. Aspiring model and university student. We shot all day, literally. The first shot was at a metro station near the exit. There were so many people walking by - Rush Hour. Men and women were whistling at her as they passed. We couldn't help but laugh. One hobo even asked to shoot with her!
Good times.

Lady CJ

Candice Jones aka Lady CJ is full of musical talent. She plays the alto/soprano saxophone, steel pan, wicked on the drums and every now and then will do her random hand stands. She loves purple. LOVES it. One of the practice rooms at school is completley purple and she wanted to shoot there. Almost everyday she wears something purple or if she sees purple anywhere she'll shreak. What is the meaning of purple again? Royalty? I'll have to check up on that one. She is currently studying music at Vanier and opening her own jazz club in the near future. Watch out for CJ!

This is my dog Spoochie. She's quite a character. You'd never think an animal could know so much. She works well with the camera too.


My beautiful cousin Dominique. She's a mix of Sophistication, Wisdom, Independancy and straight up Flyness.
She's a Diva.

Hakim aka The Boss

This is Hakim. University student and modeling on the side. He had the business look going on that day and downtown was the place to shoot. Was kool working with him.

Tay Tay

His name is Tayshawn. I gave him my sunglasses for the shot. They look better on him!

Meet Betty-Boo

She is the reason why I went in the photography industry. This is my close friend Bethel aka Betty. We go way back since 10th grade. Somehow along the way we started taking pictures of eachother in the parc in front of our highschool during lunch break just for fun. We didn't know it would take us this far! In our first year of college we did our very first photoshoot at school. She modeled and I shot. We spent about 4 hours going around taking shots.
The second picture was on the 2nd floor at Vanier College. Betty is going into architect for university and is continuing in modeling. She's going places, watch out for her.

Click here to view more of Betty's work.


Saw this from across down town of Quebec city. A kid next to me asked his dad "So is that where clouds come from?"


Beautiful flowing river we ran into as we drove on the mountains in Guadeloup. Makes you feel at peace.

Takin' a Break

A photographer took me on the rooftops downtown for practice shots. It's amazing how many magical moments pass by as you click away. This bird decided to take a break in this cozy little hole while the the winter breeze was blowing. The bird did it just for me I swear.


May I present myself...


My name is Alexandria a.k.a Allie. I'm an amateur photographer with a strong passion.
I'm also a musician and studying film-scoring at Berklee College of Music.
Piano and saxophone are my babies. =)

Here I are. Rockin' the fr0. And I really do mean 'rockin' the fr0, I was doing some hardcore head-banging.

This is my work, enjoy.


contact: aliphotography@live.ca

All pictures posted with permission