Me, bike and the cold road tonight...

 Me, bike and the cold road tonight. As I arrive at the middle of the bridge, the lit buildings stretch out on the water and surround me on all sides. The view takes over.
  It's a cold and lonely journey back home but I can never resist to take a minute and watch Boston's reflection shimmer on the Charles River.



Video Slideshow

Here is a picture slideshow of my recent work.
Thank you all for the support!


Shades of Boston

 This is my new home.
And I love it. =)


Berklee College of Music

I knew right away that I wouldn't only be a music student at Berklee College of Music.
Being one of their photographers to me is not just a "job" - I get the opportunity to meet wonderful musicians from around the world and hear what they are all about.

In order:
For more info visit - www.berklee.edu
More Berklee posts to come...