Solipsism & Fractals

Remember those sunny days laying on your parents' parking lot watching the ants march by?
I never outgrew the same fascination on the micro world as I had as a child. Still baffles me that collective worlds live within us and us within worlds. Realizing this gave me goosebumps for a while ha! The ant and I exchanged glance for a brief moment in the 2nd photograph and it reminded me of Solispsim philosophy. A philosophy philosophers have debunked now....I think the ant would agree. :)

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I love staring into the eye of my lens. Built in with about 4-5 lenses inside it's barrel, the refreacted lights have me mesmerized. Optical glass costs up to 1,000$ per kilogram and about 6 weeks just to make 1! Speaking of lenses.. I need to get myself another macro, there are to many details to go left unnoticed!

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Fairy Rings & Yoruba Proverbs

                       "Maybe they're having a conference..."

My mother had noticed something rather interesting on our front lawn the other day. To her surprise, a group of wild mushrooms appeared to be growing in a circle with a little one right smack in the middle. "Maybe they're having a conference" dad  chuckled. "Maybe they're protecting the one in the middle" I replied. The African proverb immediately popped in my head...
'It takes a whole village to raise a child'

"Fairy rings" came from old beliefs that fairies danced inside the circle of mushroom and also being a portal to the elfkin kingdoms. Aw man how cool is that? I have direct hook-ups to the elf world right on my front lawn! See you guys...I'll bring back a picture.

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Once again, another wonderful Berklee Alumni that I had the honors to work with. Right on the outskirts of Boston, under the beautiful sun and clouds we had the opportunity to shoot for the up and coming album release. Chashe is a talented singer/songwriter from Zimbabwe with a beautiful spirit. Was a pleasure working with her.
Check out the new hit single, "Dhi"
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Blue Moon

"Blue moon is the appearance of the third full moon in a season with four full moons. It is never really blue. The term has also been used to refer to the second full moon in a month" - Wiki.

Some funky stuff has been going down in the cosmos lately! Anyone seen the Super Moon on May 4, 2012 or the Solar Eclipse on May, 20th? Or how about the 'ultra-luminous core-collapse supernova' on Aug 30th? There has also been some meteor showers going on in early August some of you may have seen already. It's all so exciting. Anyway, back to this moon phase...

I've always had a thing about the moon. The sun's yang..or yin, whichever it is. It's light-approach always affected me in a more calming way than a sun would. Growing up I had recurring nightmares and trouble sleeping in the dark. Every now and then the moon glow would peer in my room through the blinds and cast playful shadows on my wall. I recall having the best sleep on those nights. Apparently full moons affect your dream patterns.
Tonight the moon had a full ring glowing around it. Some say a glowing ring during winter means it is one of the coldest nights. Well I guess they're partially right, since it is shinning through ice crystals. Hmmm...

It's all mysterious to me.

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