Not only was I impressed by their NEVER-ENDING FABULOUS WARDROBE but these Hip Hop dancers, brother & sister got the moves. I remember first seeing them at one of my hip hop shows when I was in the dance scene >> They blew me away. This shoot was really fun. Great work you guys and all the best =)
**Special thanks to my girl Candice aka Lady CJ for helping out!
Click here to see them in action!

Click here to see the video shoot!


GoodFellas - Music Video Shoot

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the Goodfellas video shoot.
Local rap artists from Montreal - 

GoodFellas. New video check them out:

Directed by Alex:


L'arbre de Vie

The Tree of Life...

We start by a Fundamental, a basis, a ground structure. This is the thickest/strongest part of the Tree: The Root.
We then start building character, principles, morals, details. We spread, we sprout, our branches reach out.
Then the most beautiful part occurs. We bloom. Of everlasting fractals, flowers, pedals and leaves. We pass it on and continue the growth.


New Secret Spot.

After a short bike ride, passing the mysterious forest I found some cool spots. Tresspassing occurd - took the risk of getting fined. But hey I don't cause mischief... I simply capture it. And besides, if a place is forbidden, then it is a place to shoot in my book. Must go back there..

What Do You See?

Are eyes really windows to the soul? Behind that hole filled of vitreous gel ...pass the 0ptic nerve... Is there a portal to interconnectivity or do we only see what we want to see?
--> This can be seen many different ways. I don't want to give out all the answers, that is for you to find out but here's a hint: It delineates Balance, Continuity and Perception.






This inseparable group, Marlon, Brennan, Adam, Max & Garrett have been friends since way back. Highschool buddies up to College and continuously carrying a fresh new look on a daily basis. You know I had to shoot 'em.

Good work guys..