Enchanted Forest

On a 6 mile hike, the forest showed us some of its secrets.


Jerry Gates - Composer, Orchestrator & Arranger

Jerry Gates is a professor at Berklee College of Music in 'CWP' Contemporary Writing and Production. He encourages musicians to keep on writing everyday and staying connected with a pencil and paper, alongside with modern softwares. It is essential to be versatile in contemporary writing and Jerry Gates stimulates this mind frame throughout the course. Most importantly, he wants his students to keep searching for new concepts to learn no matter where they are in life.

"The discoveries move you forward to a deeper understanding of the language of music. "
                                                       - Jerry Gates

On February 25th, Jerry Gates premiered his new piece "Tangarabl√© with musicians Mimi Rabson, Helen Sherrah-Davies, Melissa Howe, Junko Fujiwara, Peter Cokkinias, Ricardo Monzon, and Dominick Ferrara.

It exposed a mysterious atmosphere with tango flavor and hints of the harmonic scale. 

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