Shades of Boston

 This is my new home.
And I love it. =)


nobby said...

your photos of BeanTown(Boston)
each photo, makes one look toward the sky. A "light" in the sky.
I like looking up at the sky.
I like your photos, Ali

Ali Photography said...

Yea come to think of it, I've been pulled towards the sky these past few months. So my camera has been pointing in that direction.
Sometimes people point out subtle things that I won't notice in my work.

That's one of the great things I appreciate in sharing art and receiving different perspectives.

Thank you for your comment Nobby.


Zayna Daze said...

Those blues and greens are breathtaking, Lovely photos Ali. I hope all is going well.

Sy's Prints said...

Beautiful shots, love your work

Toyin O. said...

I love the pictures, thanks for sharing.

Ali Photography said...

Thank you everyone! More to come!