Thought I'd introduce you to my homie Nibbles. Been around in the family for a little over 10 years. Still chipper...ha get it.. chipper! This dude used to chill on my shoulder and we'd ride around the neighborhood on my bike back in the days. Good times.. 
Not much training was needed with Nibbles. He came up with a large repertoire on his own. Beat boxing, melodies and dance moves. Could've taken over Looney Tunes if he wanted to. The other day I played a Dilla beat and he started bobbin' his head. Real recognize real.


herlucidsky said...

Yes!! I remember him in some of your youtube videos. Awww...glad to see him again. Very talented indeed and 10yrs going strong huh?

Ali Photography said...

Strong as an ox! Still surprised at how much energy he has. He's the life of the party haha. Thanks for the comment!

Oldine said...

"Real recognize real" Ha! I love it.

Anonymous said...

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