UGC Boxing & MMA

Are you ready to Rumble?

Body slammin', face smushin', air squats, nose bleeds, heart pumpin', coaches yellin', photographers snappin', blood all over your lens and shirt!! This exciting time takes place every 2 months, in Montreal with pro fighters across Canada competing for the belt. I am their photographer, snapping every bloody minute of it. Jean Pascal (Haitian professional Boxer & WBC Light Heavyweight Champion) in the second to last photo.

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The Crazy Baby Mama said...

your stills pick up on the guttural screams, the graceful power, and the smell of blood and sweat.

powerful work.

Ali Photography said...

I breathe when they breathe, move when they move.

Thank you for the comment. :)

nobby said...

you have captured warriors
not a surprise, from the Warrior Princess